02 February 2013

ELearning for Healthy Minds

A growing number of learning programs dedicated to psychological wellbeing are finding their way into schools and workplaces across the globe.  This is probably due, in part, to the concern over technology-induced stress and mounting scientific support for the value of practices like mindfulness and meditation.

This new type of education has begun to manifest digitally in the form of mobile and web programs like MoodGym and the Mindfulness app.  Wellbeing programs, including the myriad that target physical health, often leverage personal analytics and visualizations to support reflection.

The recently launched, Smiling Mind, boasts an elegant, welcoming, and cleverly all-ages appropriate interface design.  This program of "modern meditation for young people" is sponsored by non-profit organizations like the Inspire Foundation, leaders in psychology interventions for young people.   It's entirely free, so why not try it on for size, or share it with someone in your family.

Technology designed to support wellbeing (which certainly isn't always a learning program) is referred to collectively as Positive Computing.  You can find out more about the field at PositiveComputing.org.