29 June 2011

Design inspiration: Naughtyfish

For utterly standout and inspired design, check out the work of Naughtyfish.

  • The greed poster and the Africa poster for something immediately different, captivating, raw and effective.
  • The Ordinary Day booklet for an inspiring approach to the use of photography that privliges mood and sophisticated emotion over the usual canned and oversaturated stock landscapes.
  • And Sweet Little Things for guaranteed joy.

Not to mention, everything else they've done...

12 June 2011

Educational game for a healthier world

Health Month is a fabulous game that leverages online social behaviour and technology to turn healthy living from a chore into a pastime.  "Live healthier, for fun!" is the tagline and the whimsical and clean website lives up to the promise.  If this game gets "eating your greens" trending or causes tofu to go viral, I'll buy a cow for my backyard.  Health Month is the Brainchild of Buster Benson who's off the wall approach to the visual representation of information is also worth checking out.

02 June 2011

7 ideas for designing your own Prezi template

Powerpoint going stale in the cupboard? Boss banging on your door for a Prezi template?  I hear ya.  But how can you create a consistent look and feel to represent your organisation that isn't too restrictive, and in a program that breaks all the rules?!

Prezi has a growing bank of reusable prezis but these are pretty content specific.  So how to make a compelling and generic corporate Prezi template? There are no right answers yet, but here are some starting points.

Here are 7 approaches to the design of your own Prezi template to get the juices flowing...