07 February 2014

Real Learning gains with iPads in Primary School

Photo from the onebillion project.
Three cheers for the onebillion project and EuroTalk Software whose carefully crafted math programs for students in Malawi  have shown to triple math knowledge in 8 weeks compared to standard practice.  Attention to instructional and interface design tailored to local needs has no doubt played a critical role.  The University of Nottingham's Randomized Controlled Trial is a useful example of a thorough evaluation process for eLearning.

I asked the project team how they charge the iPads which can, of course, be a prohibitive issue for many without reliable sources of electricity.  For the test school, they created a charging station for 25 tablets in the one office with electricity. Now they're setting up solar charging stations with panels on the roof which will have the capacity to charge 25 iPads overnight.  Where there's a will and creativity, there's a way.

The onebillion project has created math learning apps available in many different languages including an English language 3-5 maths app.

Read more about the program and the onebillion project.