14 November 2013

Students' expectations of technology at university

According to research, 80% of students expect lectures to be recorded but only 50% actually access the recordings.  User expectations are important, but so are the stats on actual use.  Aside from expectations about anywhere/anytime access, a recent University of Sydney student focus group revealed that student painpoints to do with learning technology came back to basics:
  • ensuring the technology works
  • having plenty of computers and power points around campus
  • trialling new technology and getting student feedback
  • training for staff and students
Students also reported an appreciation for interactivity including animation, simulations and role-play.  Of course, when it comes to multimedia learning, we know it needs to be well designed to support learning outcomes, if it's to be both engaging for students, and effective course content.

None of this feels terribly new. What's amazing is how usability, reliability and user support continue to be core issues, even for the so-called net generation.