22 May 2013

Europe's treasures at your fingertips

Europeana is an astounding mega-library of cultural artefacts from VanGogh paintings, and Newton's laws of motion to sheet music, letters and historical photographs.  What's really impressive is that these artifacts are nested in the knowledge and inspiring stories that surround them.

All in the public domain!

"Explore millions of items from a range of Europe's leading galleries, libraries, archives and museums. Books and manuscripts, photos and paintings, television and film, sculpture and crafts, diaries and maps, sheet music and recordings, they’re all here."
"Found something you like? Download it, print it, use it, save it, share it, play with it, love it!"

They've done a beautiful job with the presentation of this treasure (for example, they hold regular digital exhibitions and update a blog which features items of daily relevance).
Surely, this is what the internet is all about. 

Check it out:  www.europeana.eu