22 October 2009

Design Principles Database

Dip into expert knowledge on learning design at the design principles database:
The Design Principles Database (DPD) "is a place for you to learn from the wisdom gained by dozens of researchers who have designed, enacted with students, and studied the use of technology for learning. This wisdom is translated in the DPD into pedagogical Design Principles".
  • "browse or search the dpd for design principles exemplified by features from educational technologies."

  • "Follow our step by step model to design a new learning environment using the DPD. Your outcome would be a design document and a mock-up of your environment, which you’ll be able to further use for making it come alive."
The DPD is an international effort lead by Yael Kali (Israel Institute of Technology) and Marcia Linn (University of California, Berkley). Yael Kali will be in Australia in 2009, as a Visiting Scholar at the CoCo Research Centre, University of Sydney where she'll be furthering her research into design knowledge.