06 December 2007

User Experience Toolkit

The Fluid project, described as "a collection of rich, reusable, accessible user interface components that can be used across web applications" has announced the release of Fluid 0.1 - The Fluid component library and User Experience (UX) Toolkit.

Fluid 0.1 is available for download at:


Fluid 0.1 contains:
  • The Reorderer, a JavaScript library for sorting DOM elements
  • The Lightbox, a component for organizing image thumbnails
  • Drag and drop UI design patterns
  • Checklists and protocols for doing UX walkthroughs
  • Sample code, tutorials, and lots of documentation
"By incorporating Fluid components into your web application's user interface, you can make your application easier to use by more people. Easier to use means happier users."

Backed by an international cross-disciplinary community, Fluid is Open Source and the toolkit is available under a Creative Commons license. More information is available at the Fluid Project website.