17 May 2007

Sydney elearning conference and workshop

eLearning: Driving Instructional Design with Emerging Technologies
Linking design and technology to enhance the potential of online training. This conference will be held in Sydney in June, including the post-conference workshop: "Best Practices in collaborative learning and managing net-based teams". More information at the Ark Group website.

The Ark Group regularly pull together industry leaders for an elearning conference which focuses on prevalent topics in technology supported corporate training. This year, I'll be supporting two of my colleagues in leading a post-conference workshop for the event entitled "Best Practices in collaborative learning and managing net-based teams". Here's the blurb:

About the workshop: This hands-on workshop will integrate the major themes of the conference. We will centre on integrating and contextualising a variety of activities and technologies for online group learning including video chat, whiteboards, synchronous and
asynchronous communication, wikis, mobile devices, task management applications, etc. We will also look at educational design patterns as research-based and reusable pedagogical techniques for online collaborative learning. We will explore the pros and cons of learning collaboratively in various scenarios and issues of social awareness with the support of real-world examples, latest research findings and practical experience. With the help of a best case scenario we will present issues of net-based group learning and will provide you with the opportunity to experience first-hand some of the matters raised.

Leave the workshop with…
  • A stockpile of new ideas for proven learning activities and designs for group learning
  • A better understanding of the multitude of online tools available and how to use them effectively to support collaborative learning
  • An introduction to reusable research-based Educational Design Patterns.
  • Insight into the challenges, pitfalls and opportunities of net-based group work, collaborative learning and the management of learning teams
The conference will be held from 20-22 of June at the Rydges Hotel in Sydney. Delegates can choose to register for the entire event, just the conference sessions or just a workshop. For more information, please contact the conference organisers.