14 October 2005

Elearning Essentials Workshop - Sydney

A two-day interactive workshop exploring real-life elearning issues and practices

Date: 1 - 2 December 2005
Location: Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney

ElNet, the Elearning Network of Australasia, proudly presents our exclusive annual interactive workshop Elearning Essentials. This two-day workshop will take a small group of participants through a comprehensive series of elearning strategies and problems, using expert discussion and case studies in action, designed to give you the opportunity to be fully involved.

Elearning Essentials uniquely sets itself apart from other talk-based seminars by directly engaging the participants with practical problems and solutions. Industry experts will explore the practical uses of elearning within real organisations, giving you a genuine elearning experience and skills to bring back to your organisation.

More info and brochure at ElNet's Website