18 September 2014

Online Forum on Visual Design for Learning

This November, the ELearning Guild is putting visual design in the spotlight.  The Online Forum "Making Learning Memorable with Graphics and Visual Design"will be held November 13-14th and feature 12 speakers from across the industry.  Attendance is virtual (via Adobe Connect) so come as you are.

I have been invited to do the closing session at the forum and will present:  "Bringing It All Together: Optimizing the Graphic Interface for Memory, Engagement, and Learning, ". 
Check it out on the Elearning Guild Forums website.

05 September 2014

Happiness, the MOOC

Join me and 100,000 others in Berkeley's new online course on the "The Science of Happiness".

Taught by world leaders in positive psychology from Berkley's Greater good Science Center, there will be Q&A session with the likes of Dacher Keltner, Sonja Lyobimursky, and Barbara Fredrickson.  This free MOOC is a unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of positive psychology to inform your work with technology (and life).

 I've been invited to lead the Positive Computing "dojo" with Dr. Rafael Calvo (my colleague at the Positive Computing Lab in Sydney) and Dr. Anna Pohlmeyer (Delft Institute of Positive Design in the Netherlands). This special interest group will bring together those interested in applying wellbeing psychology to the development of technology.